What is Keybe and what is it used for?

Keybe is the AI Ecosystem Platform that boosts your sales-forces performance increasing your business’ income. It starts by integrating your brand’s conversational channels. This way your team is gonna answer all chats into a single tab. It’s also possible to connect as many agents (users) as you have simultaneously. 

This way, once a person gets in touch with your business, it’s created automatically in KB:’s CRM. A specific feature that allows you to control the whole customer journey without acquiring other software. Create business opportunities, service tickets, segments by behaviors and preferences and protecting this info with GDPR standard represents for you a no-code all in one App that will increase your business’ results. 

Within a month of use it automates up to 20% of repetitive tasks. Time you can use for creative and highly valuable processes. Like it wasn’t enough, conversational sales conversion while using Keybe is around 30%. 

That’s why we assure you this is the IA Ecosystem Platform your team needs to really boost their productivity and goals achievement.

The best part: You start for free and only pay for what you use.

Who is Keybe aimed at?

We have 3 plans that adapt to your company. Large, medium and small businesses, all are welcome in Keybe for the ease of use.

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