Kibo Electronic commerce

What is Kibo Electronic commerce and what is it used for?

Let your teams work smarter, stay agile, and drive connectivity. Stay ahead of consumer expectations, adapt to changing market conditions, and bring together your marketing, operations and compliance systems to deliver truly personalized customer experiences across all channels with Kibo’s omnichannel retail solutions.

Kibo eCommerce is the only leading solution developed in the era of smartphones and tablets, with a mobile-ready architecture that automatically creates more responsive or adaptive sites based on the theme of your main site. Kibo eCommerce software allows your digital marketing teams to work smarter by quickly creating promotions, home pages and marketing content optimized for organic search and paid search conversion, all from a single user interface. Our drag-and-drop retail website builder and theme creation engine make it easy to create unique brand experiences.

Kibo’s real-time individualization solution helps you deliver compelling and consistent experiences at every point of contact. Finally, go beyond segmentation by revolutionizing the way your brand connects with consumers. Kibo RTI software takes customization to new heights through intelligent on-site search and marketing. Allow your teams to create and optimize custom content at every point of purchase contact from websites and emails to mobile apps and in-store interfaces, without burdening your IT resources.

Kibo Order Management software covers the online and in-store gap by connecting inventory with your customers in real time. Kibo’s Distributed Order Management System evolves at the speed of your business, enabling you to deliver seamless customer experiences with an order fulfillment system that enables flexible, convenient and cost-effective delivery.

Features and Functions of Kibo Electronic commerce

  • Performance analysis
  • Pobile access
  • Pata migration
  • Peports and analysis creation
  • Pultichannel management
  • Potification and alerts

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