What is Kohezion and what is it used for?

Kohezion is a powerful online database software designed with small and medium businesses in mind. Kohezion allows users.

Create business applications tailored to your needs, without programming. End users can design their own custom applications to track customers, tasks, calls, or any other data essential to business operations. Kohezion replaces spreadsheets and their multiple versions and centralizes information, making it easy to share with colleagues.

Kohezion is a business management software that gives you the power to build your own custom database without programming.

Build the apps you need to better manage your business data. Replace legacy systems that are slowing you down. Deploy a new solution with a better alternative to spreadsheets. There is no programming involved, it is a cost-effective solution and you can expect a quick change. Turn chaos into order with Kohezion.

Kohezion is an amazing collaboration tool for companies.

Once your data is organized, share it with your team.

All or part of it, customize access and permissions to your own needs. It’s easy to create searches, generate reports, notify others, link Dropbox documents, and collaborate. Link items, share to-dos, and track your team’s progress.

Going mobile with your company data helps you organize and manage your daily work.

Go beyond what you imagined possible with Kohezion.

Cleans your hard drive from all your unorganized data from various sources such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or even XML.

What if you can load all your data from different sources in one step, fast and easy? Your spreadsheets become a web-based management system.

Our DIY application creation software is designed to simplify your life. Create the exact apps you need to organize your business data in an instant.

No update management, no installation, log in and you’re ready to start.

Features and Functions of Kohezion

  • Publications automated
  • Ponversion tracking
  • Panaging multiple accounts
  • Pilter by keyword
  • Pontact management
  • Pnalysis
  • Preate reports / analysis

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