Koofr Storage

What is Koofr Storage and what is it used for?

Koofr is the secure and easy way to store, back up and share your photos, videos and documents, with 2GB of free storage.

Access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device, whether it’s a computer, phone or tablet. Security and protection are at the heart of our software and mentality, and that’s why we never look at your data.

With Koofr connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon and OneDrive accounts and use the extra free space on your hard drive. So you can search through all your clouds and devices. Koofr performs an automatic backup from phones, synchronization with computers.

Koofr has simple two-way synchronization from your computer (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). No limits, choose any folder (s) on your computer to synchronize. Share folders within Koofr with anyone and get an integrated messaging option for easy collaboration.

Create a link to share any file or folder. Make them private or public and optionally set the expiration time. Then send them through your favorite option. Receiving large files from anyone (or many of them) has never been easier. Just create a receive link in a folder and send it.

Koofr comes with a built-in Trash, where you can recover your files for 7 days. Files in the Trash do not count for your storage space. All your files are securely transferred via TLS/SSL and stored securely on our servers. You always have a complete view of everything you share privately or publicly.

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