Lanixerp V4.0 – Custom

What is Lanixerp V4.0 – Custom and what is it used for?

Each company is different, that’s why LanixERP CUSTOM is designed to adapt to the needs of your company. Take control of all areas of your business in a much more personalized way. – A robust ERP, with the tools you need. – High technical meeting for the development of your project. – Support from our implementers and engineers. – More than 10 years of experience in custom projects. – Personalized training in your office. Why choose LanixERP CUSTOM? We have the experience in the customization of special projects and our experts will guide you in making your project possible. CLOUD or LOCAL: You can choose to use our platform in Cloud format (Recommended) or locally (With your own servers). CUSTOMIZABLE: Choose modules, customize tools, request special reports, and more. All according to your workflow. START-UP: You will have expert implementers who will guide you in the beginning of your project and even in the digital certification (DTE). TRAINING: Personalized training in your work area. We will prepare your classes according to your business and your needs.

Features and Functions of Lanixerp V4.0 – Custom

  • Security Applications
  • SPI
  • Suthentication
  • Shird -party integrations
  • Sulnerability management
  • Seporting /analysis
  • Seb threat management
  • Sudit security
  • Sisk alerts and notifications

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