Lavastorm Analytics

What is Lavastorm Analytics and what is it used for?

Lavastorm: Agile data management and analysis software that transforms the way companies address data challenges to achieve innovative business results.

Lavastorm powers enterprise-grade enterprise applications with agile analytics to help businesses gain a competitive edge by unleashing the potential of their data. Its collaboration solution allows companies to quickly, easily and accurately build analytic applications at scale, across multiple disparate data sources. Lavastorm is the only solution that combines data preparation with robust analytics to increase data-centric applications with integrated automation and governance.

Lavastorm combines self-service data preparation with advanced analytics capabilities into a single platform that enables IT and business users to build sophisticated analytics applications without requiring coding or months of waiting.

Users create graphical data streams to acquire, prepare, analyze, and publish data, creating visual component libraries that can be reused across all applications and computers.


unified set of tools from self-service data preparation to enterprise-grade operational ETL without coding. Powerful analysis of complex problems, within the reach of the business analyst.

An extensive library of components can be expanded using simple scripts, not programming, so that all users can scale their applications. Scalable, high-performance data science capabilities, with or without a data scientist. Intuitive visual data flow and logic allow everyone to participate and validate the application as it is being created.

Immediate start-up with preconfigured components to simplify common data preparation tasks. Standard RESTful API for embedding applications and extending integration capabilities with Java, Python, R and other languages.

Designed to process large amounts of data with unprecedented speed, quality and agility, applications can be shared and automated at an enterprise scale.

Collaboration and governance capabilities ensure consistent use of validated analytical routines and controlled access to reliable data.

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