What is Leadmaster and what is it used for?

LeadMaster CRM is cloud-based, giving you and your team the freedom to work and access information from anywhere, anytime.

With our vision for the future, we’ve built a system full of customizable and scalable features, from intuitive and powerful tools to sophisticated marketing algorithms that give you the control you need to boost productivity and increase sales.

Capture, track, rate and nurture your sales leads with the power and convenience of LeadMaster CRM. Manage contacts, from customers to leads with ease on the LeadMaster CRM platform. Through our opportunity management tool and sales funnel, everything you need to know about your opportunities is at your fingertips.

Our cloud-based CRM solution offers a wealth of analytics so you can manage and measure what’s happening in real time, as well as plan future moves, without spending much of your time. Streamline marketing and lead development processes through our affordable marketing and sales automation solution.

With automated processes, your team can focus their efforts on turning opportunities into valuable customers. At LeadMaster, we have helped thousands of companies, from small to large, achieve their sales and growth goals. With LeadMaster CRM Platform, you and your team have access to an intuitive, cloud-based program that streamlines processes and delivers the information your staff needs right when they need it.

Features and Functions of Leadmaster

  • Reports and analysis creation
  • Rnventory management
  • Retailer’s inventory management
  • Rultichannel management
  • Ranufacturing inventory management
  • Rrder renewal management
  • Rotification and alerts
  • Robile access
  • Rnventory.

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