What is Leafio and what is it used for?

Leafio creates software to automate and optimize retail supply chain processes. It helps your customers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, increase outage resistance, and generate more revenue at a higher margin. Inventory management software is designed to forecast, demand plan, automate order generation, replenish goods on time, and keep all levels of the supply chain running smoothly autonomously in an environment of low predictability and constant change.

Who is Leafio aimed at?

Inventory control software Leafio adapts equally to retail companies, manufacturers and distributors.

Features and Functions of Leafio

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Aracking time
  • Arowsing history
  • Activity log screen
  • Aonitoring emplooyee activity
  • Aonitoring email of employees
  • Aroductivity analysis
  • Aick leave tracking

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