What is Lendio and what is it used for?

It is a cloud-based accounting system that offers freelancers and advertisers a single platform to manage billing and track expenses. Sunrise aims to provide an easy-to-use expense tracking and billing solution that includes custom invoices, expense logging, and financial reporting. To manage billing effectively, Sunrise gives users tools to create professional, customized invoices quickly and easily. To improve user productivity, Sunrise allows users to send recurring invoices, see when invoices have been viewed, and easily create quotes and estimates online.

Who is Lendio aimed at?

Especially aimed at small and freely.

Features and Functions of Lendio

  • Workflow management
  • Wnternal human resources
  • Wead tracking
  • Wublishing Jobs
  • Weviews
  • Wummaries analysis
  • Welf-service portal
  • Wummaries Search

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