What is LIGHTSPED ECOM and what is it used for?

Lightspeed eCom offers you complete inventory management software with a back-end optimized for SEO, mobile responsiveness and beautiful designs.

On average, Lightspeed customers increase revenue by 20% in their first year. Reach more customers with social networking integration and SEO optimization that help your store stand out from the crowd. Choose from over 60 stylish and easy-to-use design templates for your eCom store and install them seamlessly with your in-store location, running all your inventory from a single system. No wonder nearly 50,000 customers worldwide rely on Lightspeeds to complete their POS solutions to grow their business!

Benefits of Lightspeed eCom:

With Lightspeed eCom Import, you can transfer your data from another platform using a CSV or Excel file. Order stock directly from the point of sale. Find products from the most important suppliers in our pre-installed catalogs.

Add style, size and color variations to a single product or classify your items with relevant custom labels. Assign serial numbers to your items or categorize them by type such as Frame or Assembly.

Create work orders, special orders, and additional pathways for customers directly into the system. No matter where you go, your data is updated in real time and always accessible so you know how your business is doing.

Built-in clock and staff reports help you keep track of your employees’ inflows and exits. Easily export any report to PDF and/ or Excel. Some modules can also be exported to CSV.

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