What is Liquidplanner and what is it used for?

LiquidPlanner gives teams a better way to plan and execute work. More than 2,000 technology, development and manufacturing teams use our online project management solution to do more. Delivers predictive resource-based programming technology that takes into account priorities, resources, and uncertainty, enabling teams to focus on the right job at the right time and make informed decisions. Founded in 2007, LiquidPlanner is a private company based in Seattle, Washington. To learn more about our award-winning technology, visit For company news and updates, visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Project management and time tracking are mutually needed. While tracking time may seem like an administrative task with no real value to anyone, it is an indispensable part of the project’s work. LiquidPlanner provides organizations with the only resource-based project management software. Use it to manage a complete portfolio of projects.

Get the best project management tool for manufacturing and technology equipment. LiquidPlanner gives you schedules you can trust and helps you work right at the right time.

With LiquidPlanner, you can:

Organize your work

Collaborate seamlessly

Manage resources with precision

Capture the uncertainty in each project.

Eliminates pain from time tracking

Connect to the tools you already use

We created a project management solution driven by the belief that teams work best when they organize priority tasks, make best/worst case estimates, and collaborate in a central location. Whether your team is working on large or small projects, LiquidPlanner simplifies scheduling.

Features and Functions of Liquidplanner

  • For salts
  • Fredictive modeling
  • For the medical sector
  • F-commerce
  • Fredictive analytics

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