Liveagent Live Chat

What is Liveagent Live Chat and what is it used for?

LiveAgent’s support service is the ultimate solution for providing excellent customer support. Equipped with over 180+ support features, you’ll be able to link all possible ticket channels, such as searching for emails, Facebook comments, tweets, contact forms, live chats, or phone calls.

Some of the main features of the support service include: Automation, SLA, Customer Service Cases, POP3 Accounts, Automatic Emails, Departments, Priorities, Statuses, Tags, Rules, Ticket Routing, Canned/Predefined Messages, Macros, Email Templates, Performance Reports, Live Chats, Chat Invitations and Website Monitoring, Voice and Call Recording Integration, Facebook and Twitter Integration, Support Portal, Knowledge Base, Forum and much more.

LiveAgent is available in 40 languages and can be a SaaS license or a locally hosted license (installed on your own server).

The server infrastructure is located in the US, UK and Japan to ensure speed responses similar to Millenium Falcon and to support local laws (particularly for the EU).

Who is Liveagent Live Chat aimed at?

Liveagent is an omnicanal support software that is especially popular among electronic commerce companies at a small and medium level

Features and Functions of Liveagent Live Chat

  • Presentation Tools
  • Pobile Access
  • Pive Chat
  • Pharing Screen
  • Pebcast on Demand
  • Pudio and Bidirectional Video
  • Private Chat
  • Ptreaming Presention
  • Possibility of Recording and Reading
  • Pudience analysis
  • Pplit / Multiple Screen
  • Preating Custom Brand
  • Pecording Session
  • Pulti-Streaming
  • Pudience Participation
  • Production Live Streaming
  • Pccess Control

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