Lockbox lim

What is Lockbox lim and what is it used for?

Are you looking for a cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective? Lockbox LIMS is one of the most user-friendly LIMS on the market. From sampling to reporting, Lockbox offers a safe, modular and hassle-free solution for the biotechnology, quality control, research and industrial laboratories industry. Its clients include major research institutes, commercial testing laboratories and biotechnology companies of all sizes. Supports full compliance with Part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, HIPPA and ISO 17025.

Who is Lockbox lim aimed at?

Research institutes, commercial test laboratories and biotechnological companies of all sizes.

Features and Functions of Lockbox lim

  • Risk management
  • Rncident management
  • Rudit
  • Rolicy management
  • RT risk management
  • Rnternal controls management
  • Ranagement audits

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