Logic Pro

What is Logic Pro and what is it used for?

Welcome to the next generation of sound. It’s never been easier to go beyond stereo and create fully immersive spatial audio mixes with built-in Dolby Atmos tools. Expand your songs to a vibrant three-dimensional experience and export to a Dolby Atmos file that is compatible with Apple Music. Whether you’re working in a recording studio with a Dolby Atmos multi-speaker system or using a laptop with AirPods Max for binaural monitoring of your surround mix, Logic Pro provides a spatial audio creation workflow for everyone.

Who is Logic Pro aimed at?

For those who are working on a recording study with a multiple Dolby Atmos speakers system or simply using a laptop with Max Airpods for binural monitoring of its enveloping mixture, Logic Pro provides a special audio creation workflow for all.

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