What is Logmein and what is it used for?

LogMeIn is a remote access and system management tool that combines simplicity with security, and features a single monitoring center.

LogMeIn is the command center for endpoint management. LogMeIn, a market leader for more than 10 years, offers secure and reliable solutions with multiple functionality levels to ensure that it fits perfectly with your business needs.

Designed primarily for IT and MSP teams, terminal point management software makes it easy to track, update, and protect IT assets, all from a central location.

With LogMeIn keep your work at your fingertips. Access your computers from any device. Save, share, and collaborate on files with one click, and print remote documents to local printers.

Access all your files, simplify access to your work, and save, share and collaborate from all your devices. Plus, easily access the websites you visit most, the cloud, and computer applications.

With LogMeIn you have easy and fast remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, computer and iOS or Android device. Give access to computers and files to anyone for instant collaboration.

LogMeIn offers industry-leading remote access and remote monitoring software in a simple and intuitive interface. Manage computer performance and let employees work from anywhere so you can keep your systems, and your business, in good shape.

With LogMeIn, control gives you peace of mind. Keep computers and users up and running, let your workers stay productive from anywhere, and automate solutions to routine problems.

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