Mailify Email Marketing

What is Mailify Email Marketing and what is it used for?

Mailify Email Marketing: Create, send, automate and measure the results of your email and SMS campaigns with Mailify, the leading application in Europe!.

Mailify Email Marketing has an email editor that will allow you to create newsletters with your logo, colors and images in just a few clicks.

Captivate your subscribers with dozens of ready-to-use newsletter templates, which automatically adapt to display nicely!.

Stand out
from the crowd Thanks to our email creation tool, our professional templates, our image gallery, etc… we design in just a few clicks an attractive, efficient and optimized email campaign for all devices.

Your marketing campaigns directly in the pocket of your contacts
Develop your multi-channel strategy thanks to the power and immediacy of SMS. Mailify allows you to manage email and SMS Marketing operations from the same interface, and even reactivate your contacts via a channel when the first does not reach its goal.

Automate your communication
Create automatic message sequences for each of your contacts.

A registration, a birthday date, a sale, a visit to your website, etc… defines your sending rules, the time that elapses between each message and uses the behavior of your recipients to modify your sequence.

With Mailify, you will no longer miss the opportunity to communicate at the right time and optimize the conversion or loyalty of your customers.

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