Mailjet email marketing

What is Mailjet email marketing and what is it used for?

Mailjet Email Marketing: Design marketing and transactional emails with the Mailjet editor. Customize your emails with dynamic content that suits all your customers!.

You can compose your message easily by inserting blocks of text and images, adding links or buttons to share on social networks and other customization elements.

Mailjet Email Marketing has a wide variety of email templates for all tastes and needs that will allow you to work faster. In addition, you will be able to create your own gallery of newsletters templates.


Email Platform
Create and send emails easily using our powerful and intuitive email platform.

Email editor
Create amazing and 100% responsive emails in just a few clicks.

Contact management
Manage, segment and grow your audience easily.

Monitor your results and optimize your performance thanks to actionable analytics.

Read our
Developer Documentation

Email API
Integrate our email API or connect to our SMTP server and start sending right now.

Email API
Integrate our email API with your current settings and start sending right away.

SMTP Server
Configure our SMTP server in minutes and send billions of emails directly to your inbox.

In our extensive documentation you will find all the information you need.

Features and Functions of Mailjet email marketing

  • Billing
  • Bredictive maintenance
  • Bervice history tracking
  • Bnventory management
  • Bobile access
  • BSSET tracking
  • Bechnician management
  • Beys and locks management
  • Bork Order Order Management
  • Brogramming
  • Breventive Maintenance
  • Balibration Management

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