Manageengine Alarmsone

What is Manageengine Alarmsone and what is it used for?

With AlarmsOne, you can respond to all your alerts without the need to log into all your apps simultaneously. You can place multiple rules to filter alerts and receive notifications only of those incidents that interest you, thus reducing the noise of alerts. As well as you can define work shifts to decide your on-call technicians and choose the mode through which they should be notified. AlarmsOne notifies via SMS, email and phone calls. With our mobile app, you can manage alerts even on the go. AlarmsOne makes it easy for you to automatically share alerts with your Slack team so you can discuss with your team, create tickets in your support tool, or generate an alert like an error in your project management tool, thus automating workflow. Escalation policies help you escalate unrecognized alerts and notify the right person before it’s too late.

Who is Manageengine Alarmsone aimed at?

Created for SMEs and large companies.

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