What is Marvel and what is it used for?

Marvel is a cloud-based mobile-friendly platform that enables single, multiple users and teams of all sizes to prototype apps in a centralized workspace. Individuals or businesses can subscribe to a scalable monthly pricing plan that includes unlimited or multiple projects and many additional features. The software offers an environment-based browser and «Design Mode» that makes it easy to create assets and UI templates, either from compositions imported from Sketch or Photoshop or from scratch. Marvel’s intuitive drag-and-drop WYSIWYG approach requires no code, including pre-designed templates, popular visualization components, and access to a master image repository.

Who is Marvel aimed at?

Marvel is a platform compatible with mobile devices based on the cloud that allows unique and multiple users and equipment of all sizes to create application prototypes in a centralized work space

Features and Functions of Marvel

  • Foreec
  • Fata visualization
  • Ftatistal simulation
  • Fultivariate analysis
  • Furvival analysis
  • Ftatistical process control
  • Fredicting analysis
  • Fegression analysis
  • Fime series
  • Ferformance metrics
  • Fad tools
  • Fad tools
  • Fdition of files
  • File support
  • Farts management
  • Functions/calculations
  • Frchive mesh repair
  • Fntegrated 3D modeling

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