What is Maximizer and what is it used for?

Maximizer CRM is ideal for small and medium businesses and is the best value for a full-featured CRM solution. It is a fully integrated sales management, customer service and marketing solution, accessible across multiple platforms: web, mobile, and desktop.

It offers easy-to-use list-based views, customizable column configurations and reports, and is easily configurable. It is the key tool to boost business productivity and revenue. On-site and cloud-based solutions available.

For more than 25 years, Maximizer CRM has had a unique approach: it offers powerful CRM software, cloud CRM technology and mobile CRM solutions that small and medium businesses really need and want to use.

Maximizer CRM is an all-in-one solution: sales management, marketing campaigns, total mobility and customer service management. Delivers faster ROI — easy and fast to deploy with access to any tablet or smartphone device. It is also easy to adapt: totally flexible to meet the exact needs of your business.

Experience more options and control with two flexible deployment options. Select an option suitable for your business infrastructure, needs and budget. Easily add or remove users, or switch from one deployment option to another, as your business needs change.

Maximizer CRM offers two deployment options: Cloud CRM, with which you can get quick deployment and instant access to each new feature, array and upgrade; and CRM on-site, which allows you to keep your CRM software and data in your office, on your web server.


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