What is Methodo and what is it used for?

Methodo POS is the foundation of gastronomic management solutions: it is designed to be a true business partner that provides you with accurate and reliable information about all the processes of your business, and allows you to streamline, control and improve the quality of the service and its profitability.

The Methodo POS Point of Sale manager is easy to manage, practical and friendly, adapting to the measure of your gastronomic business with agile management, better decision making and a wide range of applications. Maximum flexibility and efficiency are at your disposal through different types of service: Salon Sale, Delivery or Mixed Sale

Methodo Cloud Allows the administration of a local or chain of premises from any geographic point in Chile or the World with Internet connection quickly and efficiently. A complement to POS for online and remote management, allows the monitoring of sales and centralized control reports of premises using Methodo POS.

By synchronizing in line with the parameters and standards of local businesses, you will be able to control all the operations of your premises, and thus have constant monitoring of the processes associated with your gastronomic business, from the sale and purchase of items in the respective premises to the management of operators or the Inventory control.

The Inventory Management module is one of the keys to optimize the management of your gastronomic business: it offers control of the product stored in warehouses, controlling both assets and loss or loss, especially helping to control the most valuable raw materials that can be subtracted.

Who is Methodo aimed at?

Directed gastronomic businesses such as restaurants, bars, discos and wineries.

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