What is Mhelpdesk and what is it used for?

mHelpDesk is designed to be very fast and easy to learn. We have free daily training and a friendly team to train you and use the software. Our state-of-the-art field service software is incredibly powerful and supports a wide range of scheduled and unscheduled workflows for one-time and recurring appointments. Make sure your team is fully mapped with the mHelpDesk scheduling schedule and efficiently targeted in the map view. The billing system of mHelpDesk is fully integrated with an easy-to-use scheduling platform that offers one-click billing and job tracking and reporting, ensuring you get paid on time at all times. , mHelpDesk customers are happily eliminating the double data entry that comes with working with third-party accounting systems like Quickbooks, and so can you! Keep track of all interactions with your customers on mHelpDesk so you and your team have the information you need when you need it. Custom fields make it easy to keep track of your company’s unique information, and of course, you and your team can view it in real time on your mobile devices in the field or on the go.

Who is Mhelpdesk aimed at?

Aimed at autonomous, large, medium and small businesses.

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