Micro-Edoc Contracts

What is Micro-Edoc Contracts and what is it used for?

MicroeDoc administrator and contract management is a SaaS software that allows you to generate, manage and sign contracts with customers and suppliers electronically, in a simple and secure way, optimizing time and costs, granting traceability to all contractual documents.

Have control from the validation of the counterparty, supplier or client, to the electronic signature of the contract, including business rules that are required and its post-subscription management (payment milestones, renewals, among others). 

Who is Micro-Edoc Contracts aimed at?

Companies from small to corporations. Micro-EDOC allows to efficient contractual processes with the different stakeholders of the company.

Features and Functions of Micro-Edoc Contracts

  • Management Termination Points
  • Mecurity Applications
  • Mulnerability Analysis
  • Misk Management
  • Mehavior Analysis
  • Mompliance Management
  • Mncident Management
  • Mccess Management
  • Mccess Management
  • Mnomalies Detection
  • Mile transfer encryption
  • Mecovery
  • Mata encryption

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