Microsoft Project

What is Microsoft Project and what is it used for?

Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management optimizes your project portfolio to prioritize initiatives and get the results you want. Seamless integration with Power BI delivers advanced analytics and integrated reporting keeps everyone informed.

Portfolio Optimization: Microsoft Project helps decision makers easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic trajectory by comparing project proposals with strategic business drivers and by considering cost and resource constraints in an organization .

Evaluate project proposals systematically: Microsoft Project helps your organization capture and evaluate project ideas from anywhere in the organization through a standardized process that provides business cases and detailed project letters to management for review.

Seamless integration with BI: Use tools like Power BI Pro and Excel to understand portfolios in depth. Native OData lets you quickly add portfolio data with other line of business (LOB) systems to generate more reports.

Ready-to-Use Reports: Share one of the reports built into your organization to keep everyone informed. Reports include everything from evolution to financial operations.


Who is Microsoft Project aimed at?

Ready reports to use: Share one of the reports integrated into the organization to keep all informed. In the reports, everything is included, from evolution to financial operations.

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