What is Mindmanager and what is it used for?

MindManager is a software for brainstorming, sharing ideas, creating plans, prioritizing tasks and working together to implement projects.

MindManager works like a virtual whiteboard. It allows you to quickly capture ideas and information, then organize and contextualize them in the same place. Drag themes, draw connections between different ideas and park notes, links and files to which they belong, everything is kept in one clear map and easy to navigate.

MindManager maps are the ideal way to plan projects, analyze processes, and consolidate and transfer knowledge. You can track deliverables, due dates, priorities, resources, dependencies, and more in a shared visual context. And when things change, you can quickly make adjustments, and immediately clear to everyone.

MindManager solves problems such as lack of data, lack of communication and redundancy by integrating all information related to a concept, project or plan of people, places and platforms into a unified dashboard map that shows you and everyone involved the big picture and the small details in the same view.

Choose your template
For anything you want to do (brainstorming, planning a project, setting a timeline, defining a strategy) there is a pre-designed mind map template or diagram that makes it very easy to get into the project and get started.

Features and Functions of Mindmanager

  • Volumeric data
  • Vd modeling
  • Vreating cross sections
  • Vxception notification
  • Vata storage
  • Vocument management
  • Vreating racing optimization reports

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