What is MoneyMinder and what is it used for?

Manage people (who is creditor or debtor of what), volunteer time and donations. Transfer responsibilities from one treasurer to another easily. It’s perfect for parent groups, sports teams, support clubs, homeowners associations, service groups, networking groups, churches, and more.

Who is MoneyMinder aimed at?

Voluntary treasurer of small non -profit organizations (groups of parents, support clubs, sports clubs, owners associations, service groups, network groups, churches and others).

Features and Functions of MoneyMinder

  • Import / Export Content
  • Instructor-Led Courses
  • Iamification
  • Iodel Management
  • Interactive Learning
  • Ireating Tests and Questionnaires
  • Ielf-Training Courses
  • Ireation of Conceptual Plane
  • Interactive Content
  • Iests / Assessments
  • Iublishing Courses
  • Iideo Management
  • IowerPoint Conversion
  • Icorm Conformance
  • Iamification
  • Ilended Learning
  • Icademic / Training
  • Itudent Portal
  • Iobile Learning
  • Iideo Conference
  • Iynchronized Learning
  • Integrated Course Authoring
  • Iompany / Business Complence
  • Inline Learning Companies
  • Isynchronous Learning
  • Ilectronic Commerce

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