Moxie Live Chat

What is Moxie Live Chat and what is it used for?

Moxie anticipates what customers want, connecting and interacting with them throughout the digital journey between devices. Through Moxie solutions, including live chat, email, knowledge and web self-service solutions, they have the ability to deliver the right engagement offering through the right channel to increase total customer value.

As e-commerce professionals, we live and breathe the customer’s journey online. We strive to understand, improve and make it as convenient as possible for your customers to interact with you through chat, email, web self-service and other digital channels. But unless we are there, really there, throughout the journey, the effort will be forced. And your clients can say it.

With Moxie Concierge, you can lift a chair and talk to your visitors to help them make their decisions. Carefully developed to integrate seamlessly with your website, our digital engagement package resembles the customer journey from the point of arrival to conversion to create a frictionless engagement between businesses and customers.

The pillars of Moxie Concerge-Digital Engagement, Intelligent Decisioning and Performance Analytics-couldn’t stand without a solid set of technology products to support them. Each of our digital channels is designed to ensure that every online engagement with your brand replicates the in-store experience and creates a seamless journey from start to finish.

Customers need answers, but sometimes all their representatives are busy helping other clients. Or, a client may not want to chat. Make sure no customer is left without your experience by deploying Kbot®, Moxie’s contextual orientation app built to help and augment your customer service team with useful snippets of information when and where they need it most.

Live chat is a powerful tool that provides an immediate line of communication and allows you to interact with your most qualified prospects at the right time. Along with Moxie’s smart decision technology for strategic implementation, Live Chat has revolutionized what it means to be there in the digital age.

Providing quality service to your customer always on the move may seem like a challenge, but if you’re like us, you’ll see it as a differentiating opportunity. Email can and should be handled as efficiently as any other channel. Moxie’s email management solution eliminates the “black hole” syndrome that is often associated with email.

Powered by Moxie’s first mobile response design, our industry-leading customer engagement solutions are built with mobile support at the forefront of the strategy for a consistent and personalized experience, yet your customer chooses to participate.

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