Multiview ERP

What is Multiview ERP and what is it used for?

Multiview ERP is the flagship product developed, sold and implemented by Multiview Financial Software. A fully integrated financial package, Multiview is a highly scalable option for growing businesses across multiple industries. The module’s functions range from basic accounting to advanced analysis, budgeting and forecasting, orders, purchase orders, inventory, order management and expense reporting. As organizations strive to make critical business decisions, Multiview has developed a program called End Month End to ensure customers can access their data when they need it, not at the end of the financial year. With a fully scalable account catalog and data warehouse, a single instance of Multiview can serve as a single source of data for businesses that need more information than a balance sheet or income statement can produce. Combined with extensive automation, Multiview allows counters to stop chasing numbers and start using them.

Who is Multiview ERP aimed at?

Multiview is a highly scalable option for growing companies in multiple industries.

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