What is NChannel and what is it used for?

nChannel is a cloud-based multi-channel integration solution for retailers and distributors that integrates their e-commerce stores, market accounts, ERP and POS systems.

nChannel provides vendors with the tools to manage multi-channel operations with unprecedented ease and flexibility. Our cloud-based platform integrates management processes such as product information management (PIM), customer experience, order management, inventory synchronization, business intelligence and supply chain integration through a highly agile and intuitive workspace.

nChannel’s cost-effective subscription model enables businesses to manage sales processes for wholesale and consumer channels. Using nChannel, subscribers connect their existing financial, ERP, and/ or POS systems with any number of external online and offline stores. Connect to vital sales channels like NetSuite, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics apps and more through our innovative platform.

nChannel partners with leading application designers in the e-commerce industry to develop seamless integration between a user’s front-end and back-office systems. The result is an integrated platform that allows companies to maximize the use of existing systems, improve data visibility, and streamline operations.

Features and Functions of NChannel

  • Import / export content
  • Instructor-read courses
  • Iamification
  • Iodel management
  • Interactive learning
  • Ireating tests and questionnaires
  • Ireation of conceptual planet
  • Ielf-training courses
  • Interactive Content
  • Iublishing Courses
  • Iests / Assessments
  • Iideo Management
  • IowerPoint Conversion
  • Icorm Conformance
  • Itudent Portal
  • Itudy Program Management
  • Ireation of Reports
  • Idmissions Management
  • Ieachers and Personnel Management
  • Ilerts and Notifications
  • Iamification
  • Ilended Loarning
  • Icademic / Academic Training
  • Itudent Portal
  • Iobile Learning
  • Iynchronized Learning
  • Iideo Conference
  • Icorm Compliance
  • Isynchronous Learning
  • Ilectronic Commerce
  • IMS Integration (LTI)
  • Ireate Reports / Analysis
  • Iile Sharing
  • Iolls / Voting
  • Iollaboration Tools
  • Iive Chat
  • Iecording SESSION Attendance Tracking
  • Iidirectional Audio and Video

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