What is Netpack and what is it used for?

Software based on the definition and interpretation of procedures (workflow) on a graphical panel. Coverage limited only by the procedures, forms and fields defined by the company; No need for version or program changes. Traceability on 100% of transactions. Multiple Companies, Branches, Currencies, Deposits, Units of Measure, Price/Cost Lists, Account Plans. Conversions between currencies and units of measure. Navigation between related vouchers without limits.   Unified master files – one agenda, one catalog-

Who is Netpack aimed at?

Medium -sized companies with defined processes of any item, except finance, banks, insurance, or transport of people.

Features and Functions of Netpack

  • LMS Integration (LTI)
  • Lolls / Voting
  • Lollaboration Tools
  • Live Chat
  • Lttendance Tracking
  • Lidirectional Audio and Video

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