Nomad Erpcommerce

What is Nomad Erpcommerce and what is it used for?

Nomad e-commerce from Sniperdyne is the solution for distributors or manufacturers who want to sell products efficiently and effectively through e-commerce. Nomadic e-commerce gives you a complete web store, ready for mobile devices and capable of performing business to business or consumer to consumer transactions. Fully integrated with your DynamicsNav, Macola, Exact or Syspro back office.

You should act as a customer service arm of your business, providing the same valuable and up-to-date information that your customer service representatives would provide. This level of efficiency can only be achieved when your office’s ERP data effectively communicates with your e-commerce website. This is the true meaning of Nomad ERPCommerce.

Nomad ERPCommerce shares data transparently between e-commerce and virtually any ERP software solution.

This is possible thanks to APIs and ERP maps, which create a free flow of coherent and EXACT information, reducing management for you and providing valuable information to your customer. While traditional e-commerce solutions also employ APIs, the Nomad experience is based on synchronizing and fully combining your e-commerce data with your ERP.

Nomad ERPCommerce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that is built with a broad set of APIs that allow cloud data to flow inside and outside your ERP and e-commerce site. This information flows freely through your ERP and e-commerce site through the Nomad customer.

ERP maps are the ones that make the data flowing through the client meaningful. The information flowing from your ERP must effectively communicate with your e-commerce site, and the data flowing from your e-commerce site must be accurately reflected in your ERP for the two systems to function as one. ERP maps essentially communicate what information should go where, directing the flow of information, such as traffic, to its proper lanes. This creates consistency in your system information and eliminates the need for manual and duplicate input.

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