What is Nopcommerce and what is it used for?

NopCommerce is an open source shopping cart, based on ASP.NET, that allows you to set up an online store quickly, securely and stably.

A key feature of NopCommerce is its pluggable architecture that allows additional functionality to be dynamically added to the application at runtime. This modular and pluggable architecture makes it easy to create and manage your web stores.

NopCommerce is a free solution with comprehensive features that applies to all types of users, from startups online to the most demanding e-commerce experts at the enterprise level. NopCommerce is one of the safest, most stable and extensible shopping carts.

The platform has a rich architecture with many features available from the factory. There are also a lot of additional features that one can find on the market. Free support on community forums is available.

In addition, we have made a great effort to ensure that NopCommerce is optimized for search engines, and allows your store to meet all search engine standards. From searchable URLs to well-structured content pages and products, you’ll find that the program was created to help your customers locate their content easily.

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