What is Nuorder and what is it used for?

NuOrder provides your sales and buyers team with a central place to browse products and catalogs with access to real-time sales and inventory data, and the ability to place orders from a computer or mobile app.

We are pleased to announce that NuOrder is moving completely. Building on the success of our iPad brand app, we greatly expanded our mobile capabilities through an iOS NuOrder 4.0 app that will be available in Q4 2017. The new mobile app provides access to both wholesale brands and retail buyers to the full suite of NuOrder B2B e-commerce capabilities to sell and buy on the go.

Today, consumers live in a world on demand where goods and services are literally available in the palm of their hands. With just swiping and touching a finger, a mobile purchase is made in just seconds. In fact, according to an IAB report, almost a quarter of all smartphone users around the world buy on mobile devices weekly.

Retail buyers expect the same instant gratification in their working lives as they do in their personal lives. As fast as opening the Amazon app on your mobile, adding products to your shopping cart and clicking ‘Buy Now’, they’ve become accustomed to looking for quick and simple solutions that make everyday life much easier.

In addition, to meet the speed of consumer demand, retailers are moving from seasonal to dynamic, real-time purchasing models. To support this, buyers and brands need constant access to instant selling and ordering tools from wherever they are, whether at a trade show, in a store or in a warehouse.

Features and Functions of Nuorder

  • Visual editor
  • Vouchscreen
  • Visplay remote management
  • Vrogramming content
  • Vutomatic updates players
  • Vedia library
  • Virtual keyboard

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