What is Octopus and what is it used for?

Octapus provides backup and disaster  recovery solutions for your virtual server applications and configurations in minutes with secure and reliable BaaS and DRaaS service. 


In Latin America, more than 70% still lack business continuity and data recovery, which can lead to business interruption or critical outages due to unrecoverable data loss. 25% of data corruption is caused by unintentional deletion or replacement of files or folders.


Being able to migrate your business to the cloud can save you more than 60% on energy costs. In addition, 30% total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to maintaining IT operations on physical servers. With the help of the cloud, you can grow scalably (on demand) and improve the productivity of IT operations.


Octapus provides comprehensive cybersecurity and cybersecurity  solutions to give you peace of mind and strengthen the protection of your critical operations .

Who is Octopus aimed at?

Aimed at companies and organizations of all sizes.

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