What is OLARK and what is it used for?

Olark Live Chat is the easiest way to start a conversation with customers browsing your website. Add Olark chat to your website to help customers and increase sales. Olark integrates with various CRM, ecommerce, and help desk platforms to give you reliable customer insights and data. Chatbots for people who hate chatbots, tailor-made by people who hate chatbots. Immediately greet visitors with a friendly «hello, how can I help you» and speed up the response time. End the «Can I still help you today?» with one click. and send visitors on their way with a smile.

Who is OLARK aimed at?

Small and medium enterprises of any secor for example retail trade, electronic commerce, SAAS, education and more.

Features and Functions of OLARK

  • Audio capture
  • Austomizable macros
  • Aapture voice
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Aoice Recipnition
  • Archiving and Preservation

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