What is Onboard and what is it used for?

It is a virtual meeting management solution with a complete set of tools for smarter and more remote decision making, in real time. More than ever, you need executive and board management software that is comprehensive, secure, and easy to use. Streamline meeting preparation and provide your leaders with accurate and timely information across all devices. With remote operation function; ready to use with confidence from anywhere. Get a demo or start a free trial.

Who is Onboard aimed at?

All kinds of companies, IT leaders, corporate secretaries.

Features and Functions of Onboard

  • Omnichannel data gathering
  • Ohat
  • Omail marketing
  • Ooi analysis and folow-up
  • Oocial marketing
  • Oanding page
  • Oultichannel tracking
  • O /b testing
  • Oase data

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