What is ONE UP and what is it used for?

Track the tasks and schedules of your employees and contractors. Use this information to invoice your clients’ projects with the «Invoice Time» feature with a single click. Be aware of your money. Import expenses from your bank statements or enter expense receipts directly using our quick forms. Import of electronic audit statements for automatic accounting of expenses in myERP. Ensure the accuracy of your books with bank reconciliation – our smart reconciliation feature is fast and effortless.

Who is ONE UP aimed at?

Ideal for medium and small businesses.

Features and Functions of ONE UP

  • Multichannel communication
  • Mracking interactions
  • Micket management
  • Mouting automated
  • Melf-service portal
  • Mmail integration
  • Mreating custom brand
  • Mlerts and raised
  • Mive chat
  • Management Base

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