What is One2team and what is it used for?


The all-in-one agile collaboration solution designed to manage the execution of strategic initiatives.

One2Team is unique in its ability to:
Deliver a set of custom dashboards and simplified project interfaces to anyone (using the next-generation agile methodology of the IT world).
Adapt your database model to any large organization or complex processes.

Who uses One2Team:
Strategic Initiatives leaders, Strategic Directors, Business Transformation leaders, Innovation Directors who want to “see through” their organization, structure and monitor their initiatives in real time.

What organizations use One2Team for:
Strategic Initiatives, Transformation Programs, Post-M&A Programs, New Product Development, Innovation Portfolio Management, Implementation of New Processes, Multisite Program Deployment.

Direct benefits:
interfunctional collaboration, 360 visibility, faster time-to-market, control of interpretations and results.

Today’s R & D pipes are complex in all industries. New competitors, rapid obsolescence, regulatory compliance and faster market cycles are forcing faster product development and launch cycles. One2Team helps R&D teams manage resources, select the right investments, balance a portfolio and even manage multiple brand and product launches.

Telecoms, retailers, manufacturers, energy companies and others use One2Team for the same purpose: to instill agility in all work. They deliver more projects with the same staff, and at a faster pace, and make the daily work easier for all employees. Managers react quickly to changing circumstances, suppliers and suppliers collaborate easily, and employees do not waste time on rework or reporting.

Despite the large investment, strategic initiatives fail more often than they succeed. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), organizations lose on average $149 million for every $1 billion spent on strategic initiatives, due to poor project execution. Learn about proven best practices that make the difference between success and failure.

Features and Functions of One2team

  • Portfolio management
  • Ponitoring hours /expenses
  • Pudget management
  • Pesource management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pgile methodologies
  • Pilestone monitoring
  • Pantt diagrams

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