What is Optimail and what is it used for?

Create campaigns that learn, adapt, and improve. Optimail uses artificial intelligence to adjust the time, content and customization of your drip email campaigns.

Create beautiful emails using the easy-to-use visual editor. Don’t worry about the details! Optimail automatically learns which emails work best for your customers.

Optimail takes automation to new levels not only by sending your emails, but also by continuously optimizing your campaigns by learning from your customers.

Go beyond opening and clicking on rates. Optimail learns how to drive customers towards goals that are important to their business, such as shopping, social exchange and commitment.

Send your emails and learn from your customers’ responses. Learn continuously and automatically what and when to send messages to direct them to their goals.

A/B tests compare your emails in isolation, do not consider your customers as individuals with unique preferences, and often focus on superficial metrics such as open rates and clicks.

Optimail provides a better way to optimize your campaigns using AI. Our algorithms evaluate the impact of your emails in the context of your entire campaign, tailor your campaigns to each customer, and focus on the goals that are important to you and your business.

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