What is Optinize and what is it used for?

With Optinize you can send each person the perfect email, SMS and social ads campaign based on their unique behavior.

Record everything your users do so you can respond with highly effective messages and identify the exact contacts you want to reach.

Set up a multi-channel trip that will automatically trigger when someone enters your audience and measures the impact of your actions on each interaction.

Optinize is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that enables marketers to track user behavior, identify their interests, and respond with highly targeted customer travel and personalized messages through emails, SMS, and social ads.

Behaviour-based trips can be created to involve each contact at critical points in their unique purchasing process. Customers and leads can be fed with the right message, through the right channel at the right time to automatically turn leads into valuable customers.

Optinize allows users to visually design customized trips, with filters to modify subsequent routes based on commitment to messages sent, and various action options including delays and time triggers.

Users can implement a tracking code on their websites, blogs, or apps to capture visitor forms and behavior data, and different platforms can be connected to create a single view of interactions. Audiences can be created based on multiple field values, behaviors, or lists, in any combination, and aimed at different trips.

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