Oracle Analytics Cloud

What is Oracle Analytics Cloud and what is it used for?

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a comprehensive cloud analytics platform that enables you to fundamentally change the way you analyze and act on information.

Get the benefits of machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous analytics, intelligent data access, and service automation in a single solution that breaks the barriers between people, places, data and systems. Ask any question about any data, on any device, at any time with self-service data visualization, preparation, and enrichment; advanced business reports and analytics; dynamic models of what would happen if the user is driven; autonomous analytics that provides proactive information to your mobile device; voice driven analysis; augmented reality; and much more.

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a program that includes the following services:
— Data Display Cloud Service
— Data Visualization in OAC, any edition
— Data Visualization Desktop
— Business Intelligence Cloud Service
— Business Intelligence in OAC, Enterprise Edition
— Essbase in OAC, Data Lake, and Enterprise Editions

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Hybrid capabilities connect these cloud services to your on-premises counterparts, Business Intelligence Foundation Suite and Essbase, so you can access and analyze data in the environment that best suits your needs.

Features and Functions of Oracle Analytics Cloud

  • Budgets and offers
  • Barketing automation integration
  • Begmentation
  • Botential clients evaluation
  • Basks management
  • Bmail marketing
  • Bobile
  • Bnternal chat integration

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