Orion Plus

What is Orion Plus and what is it used for?

The Orion PLUS Billing program has a complete Module for Restaurants and Meals that has the following advantages and functionalities: An excellent ATTENTION MODULE x TABLES. CONSUMPTION TAX on invoices and reports. You can keep tabs SIMULTANEA up to 90 tables. Each TABLE has its own POS that allows you to register items (soft drinks, drinks, cigarettes, mecato, etc.), PREPARED (lunches, cocktails, drinks, dishes) and INTANGIBLES (services and items not inventoried). You can recognize items by International Codes, Barcodes, reference, name, group, etc. You can divide your business into up to 6 sections with their respective description (e.g. Bar, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Terrace, etc.). You can add TAGS to each table for easy identification. You can exchange and/or group table accounts. You can know all the time how many tables are occupied and how much you have to collect from the tables. The invoice includes the optional VOLUNTARY SERVICE. Printing orders to the BarMan and/or Cook.

Who is Orion Plus aimed at?

Bars, restaurants, foodtrucks, Dark Kitchens and other gastronomic businesses.

Features and Functions of Orion Plus

  • Inventory management
  • Iarcode /ticket code reading
  • Ieports
  • I-mail /notifications
  • Iustomer data management
  • Ieporting reports /analysis
  • Iaintenance Preventive
  • Iome printing
  • Isset management
  • Iroblem management
  • Ilerts and raised
  • Ianagement of support tickets
  • Ielf -service portal
  • IPI
  • Iive chat
  • Inowledge base management
  • Iaiting line management
  • Iatabase
  • Iatabase of customers

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