Ecommerce Paddle

What is Ecommerce Paddle and what is it used for?

Paddle is a unified platform of payment, eCommerce, marketing and analytics for software developers, which allows you to grow your business.

Our comprehensive e-commerce solution is specifically designed with software companies in mind, whether you sell desktop software on Mac and Windows or if you are a SaaS business on the web.

Focus on building, not invoicing. Gather everything you need to sell software, packaged in an intuitive platform that you can start using in minutes. Increase your income. Don’t let the tools limit your imagination: you decide prices, promotions and customer experience, we take care of the rest. Plus, optimize your software sales. Increase your conversion rates, customize your user experience, and experiment with pricing, designs and promotions.

Selling software has evolved over the last decade: taking payments on any screen size or natively on a Mac or Windows application, subscription business models that bring new complexities… Paddle was created to face these new challenges head-on.

Paddle is different for 3 reasons:

  1. We are a software company, created for other software companies, and are run by developers, not sales or financial representatives.
  2. We have created a modern platform that is a real pleasure to use and manage, and does not restrict what you can do because it was built decades ago.
  3. We will increase your revenue, because our simplified process becomes higher and our promotional tools make it easier to test and scale your marketing ideas.

Features and Functions of Ecommerce Paddle

  • Wollaboration tools

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