What is Papertrail and what is it used for?

PaperTrail is a customizable document management system that is continuously supported and allows you to manage your time and productivity.

Store all your electronic and scanned documentation in a secure, electronic repository accessible anywhere, anytime. Documents can be easily organized and shared between employees and customers with flexible folder taxonomy and collaboration features.

PaperTrail gives authorized users the ability to easily forward or route documents to individuals or groups of users, making collaboration more efficient and effective.Rules and workflows are easily set using a simple management console or graphical workflow designer.

Automatically import emails from supported IMAP and POP mail servers, such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus.Send responses from PaperTrail to track all correspondence. Answers are automatically threaded into a single item.

Collect unlimited data while improving processing times, accelerating approval cycles and minimizing paperwork. Supports electronic and biometric signatures, automated searches, custom form design, and PDF output for printing or e-mail routing.

PaperTrail Capture’s flexible solutions provide accurate form and barcode recognition along with manual or automatic page separation. With PaperTrail, users can also create scanned PDF images that can be searched in full text without compromising image integrity.

PaperTrail provides an easy-to-use system to help any organization or government department capture, organize, and retrieve digital and physical records. Give administrators complete control over who can access documentation and information stored in PaperTrail, with permissions at the folder, document, and index levels.

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