Paste Agile Studio

What is Paste Agile Studio and what is it used for?

Pega Agile Studio is integrated with Pega Platform 7.4 to allow teams to change their application logs in Designer Studio and link them to tasks, errors, or user stories in Pega Agile Studio, so it is possible to integrate the entire business intelligence process into the Agile Studio project management program, which also offers many SOAP services that you can use to query Agile Studio information or to insert information or as a starting point for creating a custom integration with a third-party application.

When you combine complex, agile technology with strategic business knowledge, everyone is more productive, no matter where they feel. A development platform designed to be agile narrows the gaps between business and technology.

Advantages and Benefits of the Platform:

  • It’s fast. Think about clicking, scrolling, and you’re done. Whether you adjust the UI or add a chat robot, the tools can be as flexible and fast-moving as your ideas.
  • It’s accessible. The right platform offers a purely visual option for a development that is intuitive for everyone. And from a technology perspective, it’s powerful enough for developers to create, reuse and innovate with the latest efficiency.
  • It’s integrated and intuitive. Don’t waste time on a steep learning curve. An ideal platform can not only meet everyone’s needs, but predict and adapt seamlessly to all types of workflow.
  • Irovides a set of REST APIs. These services allow users to retrieve, create and update products, releases, user stories, and errors to manage their projects from an external application. Alternatively, you can create your own customer services and/ or connectors in Agile Studioto, either by pushing or pulling the button. Information between Pega Agile Studio and the external application.

Features and Functions of Paste Agile Studio

  • Ierformance Metrics
  • Indicators trend / problems
  • Ienchmarking
  • Itrategic Planning
  • Iommunication Panel
  • Iredictive Analysis
  • Iey Performance Indicators
  • Irofitability Analysis
  • Id hoc reports

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