What is Phidias and what is it used for?

With more than 15 years of experience, at Phidias we are dedicated to the development of web solutions for educational institutions.  Focusing mainly on the needs of each school and thus be able to offer tools that simplify, facilitate and streamline daily tasks. So that schools can devote their time, to the most important thing, education. 

Since 2004, in Phidias we consider ourselves as the ally of successful schools, since our educational software is an integral solution, which has security, integrated information and ten modules, each focused on solving specific problems within each area of the school:

  • Administrative module
  • Admissions Module
  • Module, transport
  • Extracurricular module 
  • Academic module 
  • Online processes
  • Tracking module
  • Communications module
  • Treasury Module 
  • Education intelligence 

Who is Phidias aimed at?

Phidias is aimed at all private schools that wish to improve the management of their information.

Features and Functions of Phidias

  • Allow Multiple Languages ​​Programming
  • Aelational
  • Aontrols or access permissions
  • Aeplicated data
  • Aonversion database
  • Aobile access
  • Aata migration
  • Airtualization

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