Pimcore Pim Software

What is Pimcore Pim Software and what is it used for?

Pimcore is a multichannel experience and participation management PIM platform that allows you to manage engagement with customers and users while delivering digital experiences, driving content across any channel and more.

Pimcore is the leading open-source platform for managing digital experiences used more than 80,000 times in leading companies around the world. Pimcore’s digital e-commerce platform, the core component of Pimcore Experience Manager, can create the best e-commerce ecosystems to create excellent B2B and B2C e-commerce experiences. Pimcore can solve the challenges of omnichannel retail and complex digital transformation processes by creating customized, highly flexible e-commerce experiences that growing businesses need.

Pimcore provides a component-based development framework, which can interact with any external software through an API-driven approach. Pimcore is the first open source enterprise application for custom eCommerce designs that deliver exceptional customer experience and exceptional scalability. Pimcore’s full eCommerce ecosystem dramatically reduces time-to-market and delivers substantial ROI by integrating eCommerce, PIM/MDM, CMS and DAMinto a single consolidated platform.

Provides the tools and functionalities to develop advanced e-commerce applications in an agile way. The ecosystem consists of eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management System (CMS). This creates a single source for all product data, metadata, digital assets, and web content.

By using these benefits, companies can centralize data management and design customized, scalable, and flexible workflows. Pimcore APIs make integration with ERP, CRM and other existing enterprise systems quick and easy.

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