Pinpointe on-Demand

What is Pinpointe on-Demand and what is it used for?

Pinpointe On-Demand offers the largest library of pre-tested, mobile-optimized, out-of-the-box email templates.

You can create fantastic email campaigns quickly and easily!. Maximize your marketing efficiency with powerful automatic emails (Autoresponders).

The intelligent segment system will allow you to focus on your prospects very accurately. Define the criteria for your entire segment by combining behavioral information.

Pinpointe includes the largest library of html email templates tested for mobile and ready to use. You can create fantastic email campaigns quickly. Adaptive email templates automatically adjust to display correctly on mobile phones, iPads, and desktop systems, so your campaigns look great. Because half of all emails open on mobile devices, you’ll enjoy higher response rates.

We believe in permission-based email marketing (purchased or unsubscribed lists). We have fostered relationships with leading ISPs and engaged in feedback loops. Our IPs are certified by ReturnPath. We control IP reputation with delivery capacity providers to ensure that inbox acceptance rates are high. Our quality commercial customers reach 96% ~ 99% in inbox delivery rates.

Maximize your marketing efficiency with Pinpointe’s powerful automatic emails (autoresponders) and activation campaigns. It has been shown that autoresponders increase results by more than 100%. Create super flexible automatic response campaigns and send activation campaigns based on the behavior of your potential customer. Set up an automatic drip sequence with specific filters for each individual email. You can even set up automatic responses to send on behalf of different people within your company.

Features and Functions of Pinpointe on-Demand

  • Prerequisite management
  • Pmage storage
  • Papping batch
  • Pocument management
  • Premation management
  • Pemeteries management
  • Parketing

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