Popcorn Email

What is Popcorn Email and what is it used for?

popcorn Email Marketing: By scoring and targeting your contacts’ activities through email and website visits, popcorn Email Marketing gives you smart, qualified insights.

To drive sales, you must be able to quickly identify commitment, which really tells you if a contact is interested in your products or services.

Popcorn Email Marketing software offers smart reporting, a drag-and-drop editor, one-click CRM, website integration and SPAM! rating tools.

popcorn Email Marketing is a lead management and email marketing solution with custom landing pages and lead funnels, customizable sales channels and more. The solution includes intelligent tracking tools, to give users an idea of who their prospects are based on their behaviors. In order to help business and creative owners easily identify and manage their sales prospects in one place, Popcorn Email Marketing provides tools such as a one-click CRM and sales channels.

Let’s be honest, when you send Email Marketing, you do so for one reason: to boost sales! Helping you turn your contacts into customers faster.

Features and Functions of Popcorn Email

  • Orders management
  • Oouch screens
  • Olectronic billing.
  • Onventory management
  • Oeports and data analysis
  • Ourchasing management

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