What is Firstx and what is it used for?

PrimeRx pharmacy management systems enable independent pharmacies, retail pharmacies, multi-store owners and hospitals with customized workflows and automation of distribution, billing and communication processes. PrimeRx improves overall pharmacy productivity with tools that simplify workflow, patient and provider admission, claims processing, labeling and dispensing, and inventory management. PrimeRx is a total dispensing solution for pharmacies.

Who is Firstx aimed at?

Independent Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies, Multiple Store Owners

Features and Functions of Firstx

  • Foreec
  • Fata visualization
  • Ftatistical simulation
  • Fultivariate analysis
  • Furvival analysis
  • Ftatistical process control
  • Fegression analysis
  • Fime series
  • Ferformer metrics

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